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The U.S. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee meets twice a year to make ME/CFS  recommendations to the U.S. secretary of health.

Regularly, we give public comment on what government agencies need to do to improve the quality of life of ME/CFS patients.

In June 2012, we were asked to give a 5-minute presentation on our organization. We included our position on many needed government agency changes.

In June 2012, our organization joined others in requesting the Dept. of Health and Human Services to create a coordinated and comprehensive action plan for ME/CFS.

In September 2012, we joined others in announcing our position on the CFSAC recommendation concerning the CDC CFS Toolkit.

Last update: August 20, 2014
PANDORA Org president Lori Chapo-Kroger spoke to the CFSAC in October 2012 on behalf of the Coalition 4 ME/CFS, explaining the status of the application to restore CFS in the right category in the U.S. diagnostic code manual for clinicians:

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