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CFSAC and Dept. of HHS

In August 2014, we sent a letter to the new secretary of the Dept. of Health and Human Services stating the need for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee charter to be renewed with some changes.
The U.S. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee meets twice a year to make ME/CFS recommendations to the U.S. secretary of health, who oversees the Dept. Of Health and Human Services agencies.

Regularly, we give public comment on what government agencies need to do to improve the quality of life of ME/CFS patients.

We advocated for more patients or caregivers to sit on the committee. In 2013, the committee put out a notice asking for nonprofit organizations to apply for three new non-voting seats on the committee.

Last update: September 9, 2014
November 2014 testimony to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee - Submitted to committee - Presented at Meeting

In our June 2014 testimony to the federal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee, we urged the committee to include a representative of the American Academy of Neurology in their committee and collaborations.

Our December 2013 public comment:

Our May 2013 public comment:

See our 2012 Comments to the CFSAC.
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