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Our organization has been educating physicians and researchers about NEIDs at medical conferences since 2000.

At the International Association of CFS/ME in 2014, we gave a poster presentation about the lack of access to knowledgeable healthcare of NEIDs, as revealed in our 2012 patient survey.

At the International Association of CFS/ME conference in 2014, we gave an oral presentation on how to increase access to knowledgeable healthcare, as revealed in our work in Alabama.

In 2013, we attended the Institute of Medicine Assessing Professional Education workshop. While there, we spoke to medical school deans about strategies to increase education of NEIDs. We also contributed to the discussion on how patient assessment can be used in medical professional education.
In 2011, we gave a presentation at the International Association of CFS/ME concerning the American clinical disease coding manual and why the Coalition 4 ME/CFS pushed for CFS to be moved into the neurological chapter.

In 2007, our organization hosted the IACFS/ME Conference.

Last update: May 20, 2014
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