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DeDecker & White

Laurie DeDecker, RN

Laurie has been a nurse since 1985. Her focus has been in colon cancer. She developed and coordinated the Ferguson Inherited Colon Cancer Registry and provided colon cancer risk assessment services from 1995-2000. She has been collaborating with the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan and Native American Cancer Research since 2004 in an effort to explore and address cancer disparities for Native Americans in Michigan.

Laurie's teenage daughter was diagnosed with ME/CFS after four years of illness. Laurie wants to help disseminate information about neuro-endocrine-immune diseases to the medical community to increase timely diagnosis and proper treatment. Laurie is on the
Board of Directors.

Last update: July 15, 2014
Charlene White

Charlene's professional experience is in the finance industry. For years, she has been a long-
distance caregiver for two family members.

Her interest in NEIDs is from her personal experience with fibromyalgia. She wants to help with patient support and in advocating for better insurance coverage for all NEIDs treatments. Charlene serves is on the Board of Directors and serves as the PANDORA Org Traverse City, Michigan Support Chapter facilitator.

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