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Dr. Lisa Nagy's Story

Dr. Lisa Nagy now treats people with MCS/EI after she developed the disease.

MCS/EI Research Findings

Dr. Lisa Nagy was an emergency room doctor in Los Angeles when she developed muscle weekness, anxiety and stress intolerance. She was confused, depressed and unable to work. She had reactions to flourescent lights and perfumes. Her body weight and I.Q. dropped considerably. "I was like the walking dead," she reflected.

Dr. Nagy moved out of her house and stopped working. For two years, she sought a diagnosis. At one point, she was put in a psychiatric ward. A doctor in Texas told her she has environmental illness, which was a result of mold poisoning triggering sensitivities to chemicals.

"I lived in a bubble for three years," she said. "No cities, no stores, no hotels, no airplanes." She still must avoid hand lotions, walking in the woods and wood stove fumes to prevent an increase in symptoms.

Dr. Lisa Nagy now guides patients with CS/EI so they can get more out of life.

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