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Q. Why don't you advocate for just the illness I have?
. People often have more than one neuro-endocrine-immune disease, and they are all underserved by the U.S. medical system. The challenges these patients share include misinformed physicians, obstacles in getting disability approval, a lack of family support and too little government research funding. Advocating for change has been a challenge for these separate illnesses because the diseases deplete abilities and resources. Advocacy history shows big obstacles can be overcome if those with shared interests work together toward common goals.

Q. Do you raise funds or advocate for other organizations or research centers?
Yes. We have urged patients to support other patient organizations and researchers in online charity contests. Also, we have given grants to individuals, grass roots efforts and other organizations. Of course, we put most of our resources toward PANDORA Org projects, particularly physician education and the future NEI Center™.

Q. How did you come up with the name "PANDORA Org" or Patient Alliance for Neuro-endocrine-immune Disorders for Research and Advocacy, Inc.?
A. According to legend, after releasing disease on the world, the last thing released from the mythical Pandora's box was hope. We want to give hope to NEIDs patients.

Q. Where do you get funding for your projects and administration costs?
A. See our Funding page.

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