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Jill Justiss' Story

Jill Justiss suffered for nine years due to a debilitating disease and misdiagnoses.

Her symptoms included swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, extreme fatigue, muscle twitching, cramping, low-grade fevers, chills, neck pain and more.

Lyme disease research findings.
Jill was a healthy and athletic mother when her lymph nodes became chronically swollen and her joints ached. The doctors she visited had no answers.

A year later, she developed extreme fatigue so that she had to crawl up her stairs and could no longer cook or do the grocery shopping. The doctors said she had depression. But the antidepressants did not lessen the pain or fatigue, so she stopped taking them.

Jill's symptoms started to come and go. Then her symptoms worsened, leaving her in a chair or bed most of the time, unable to be involved in many of her children's activities.

Meanwhile, Jill gradually developed 21 other symptoms. She found a doctor who diagnosed her with ME/CFS, but the Lyme test was negative.

After being sick for nine years, when she found out her twin sister developed some of the same symptoms and tested positive for Lyme disease, Jill decided to have a different type of Lyme test. It came back positive. She discovered she also has babesia and bartonella, two other tick-borne infections.

With continued appropriate treatments for these tick-borne infections, Jill's condition has improved.

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