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May 12 Awareness

During the month of May, we invite you to help spread awareness in three ways:
  • Change your social media profile photo to include your face with spoons in the color representing your disease.
  • Change your porch lightbulb to the color of your prominent disease.
  • String a ribbon or bow on your mailbox or car or other public place in the color of your disease.

Then, send us an email of your house, mailbox and you showing your colors. We will display them in a slideshow video on our YouTube channel.

Last updated: April 8, 2014
Where can you purchase the items?
If you purchase them at Amazon through the links below, our organization will receive a commission. Thank you!

Blue for ME/CFS
Ribbon, Light bulb, Spoons

Green for Lyme and tick-borne infections
Ribbon, Light bulb, Spoons

Gold for GWI
Ribbon, Light bulb, Spoons

Purple for fibromyalgia

Ribbon, Light bulb,

More than one of the diseases:


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