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NEI Center

The NEI Center™ (Neuro-endocrine-immune Center) is a PANDORA Org project that will provide knowledgeable medical care for people with neuro-endocrine-immune diseases.

These diseases have similar symptoms and similar biological abnormalities, and they often overlap. Therefore, clinical care, medical education and research is best when done for all of these diseases together. A clinician must know how to identify which of these similar diseases a person has in order to know the best treatment. The goal is the NEI Center™ to be like cancer centers.

Michigan work: PANDORA Org is currently advocating for passage of a resolution that acknowledges the need for an NEI Center in the state.

Alabama work:
A chance conversation with an Alabama senator revealed he has a personal connection to Lyme disease. Thus, we are now working to establish the NEI Center in that state. We are making progress in this state now.

Florida work: In 2011, Florida International University said they were interested in establishing the NEI Center™ there. But the researcher they wanted took an offer to establish a similar center at NOVA Southeastern University, also in South Florida.
Please donate toward the NEI Center™ and physician education projects.

New Jersey work:
In 2010, PANDORA Org and Lifelyme successfully worked for a resolution to be passed in the New Jersey legislature recognizing the need for an NEI Center™. We are hopeful that opportunities in this state will return.

Last update: July 19, 2014
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