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What is MCS/EI?

People with chemical sensitivities

must take unusual steps to avoid inhaling

chemicals that are found all around us.

What are MCS/EI symptoms?

Multiple chemical sensitivity / environmental illness is when a person’s body has a severe metabolic and neurological reaction to pollutants, mold, chemicals or food additives that are common in our society. Air pollution, perfumes, gasoline, smoke and household cleaners are episode triggers. In severe cases, people with MCS/EI also may suffer from food intolerances.

This disease forces patients to make considerable changes in their living conditions, sometimes having to live in their car to avoid the household triggers. Also, patients often avoid social gatherings, hotels or business establishments to prevent the disabling symptoms. Of course, this disease has a big impact on a person’s ability to keep their employment.

The disease often develops in people with other neuro-endocrine-immune diseases, such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia syndrome.

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